We strive to create highly consumable, trendy products with exclusive formulations you cannot find anywhere else. These products contain impactful ingredients like hemp, nootropics, fulvic minerals and mushrooms.


Hemp has been studied to help give better sleep, which encourages protein synthesis, where muscle repair can take place. There is also evidence to suggest that hemp can help a person lose weight or help prevent metabolic disorders and reduce appetite.


Mushrooms are superfoods for your body! Packed full of antioxidants that boosts gut health, supports a healthy immune system, supports overall well being and some studies show mushrooms may aid in weight loss. It also may help improving muscle mass and strength.


Fulvic is the ultimate nutrient booster when paired with other supplements and known to help counteract free radical damage to the body. Studies shown that Fulvic acid may also aid in gut health, immune and muscle function.


Nootropics boost your brain to supercharge your body -- tapping the power of mind-over-matter to help you train harder, endure emotional fatigue and mentally push through physical blocks.


Embark on a journey to total body wellness and fitness with our exclusive range of products crafted from high-quality ingredients. Every product is carefully designed to tap into the natural power of your body and providing a diverse selection to meet various wellness needs. Whether you're looking for supplements to boost your fitness routine or to nourish your body, our collection is tailored to support your holistic health journey.


L-Theanine is the Amino Acid responsible for many of green tea's amazing benefits. L-Theanine is extremely rare in nature and it is found almost exclusively in green tea. L-Theanine is used pre workout as a Nootropic or, when paired with caffeine, as a focus and performance aid.


Berberine has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and now modern research suggests it may be affective in balancing blood sugar levels, lowering waist-to-hip ratios in adults and may improve gut health.


KSM-66 studies suggest that Ashwagandha root extract supplementation produced a significant improvement in muscle strength, muscle mass, endurance, and muscle recovery.


Brewjee Slay All Day

Embark on a journey to boost your vitality with this green tea, energy infused tea featuring matcha along with its unique, mushroom blend, crafted to amplify your energy levels while enhancing your overall well-being. Prepare yourself for a refreshing burst of energy that lasts all day, it's time to savor the invigorating richness of Slay All Day.

$95 Retail
$75 VIP 

O' Take My Pic

O'Take My Pic, Arieyl's revolutionary weight loss and blood sugar balancing capsules designed to quiet the constant chatter of food cravings, help you feel fuller, longer, decrease your appetite and balance your blood sugar levels. Packed with a powerful blend of natural ingredients, each capsule works synergistically to support your journey towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

$95 Retail
$75 VIP 

Brewjee Gold Digger

Brewjee's Gold Digger Golden Milk Latte—a thermogenic Chia Tea brimming with extraordinary viral ingredients. It’s time to rev up your metabolism with our potent blend featuring invigorating ginger, renowned for its spicy kick, digestive support, heightened energy and stamina and weight management support.

$95 Retail
$75 VIP 

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